Anisong Nippon

Yesterday Granrodeo recorded a live show to be aired on Thai local television. It’ll air on “Workpoint TV” on 3/15, 2015 (Sun) 8:30 to 9:00 local time. Granrodeo is one of several acts who will be broadcast across a 5 day period, including May’n, LiSA,, Nakagawa Shoko and King Cream Soda. The show’s format includes live … More Anisong Nippon

With Punky Funky Love

さぁ!本日はGRANRODEO 22枚目のシングル『Punky Funky Love』の発売日です!ぜひ、ご購入ください!(エシディシ) — 賢プロダクション (@kenpro_official) January 28, 2015