Butterfly Rouge bonus CDs

Depending on where you pick up the Butterfly Rouge game, a different bonus CD will come with it: Animate — Vampire Dream ~Butterfly Rouge~ (Morikawa & Kiiyan) Stellaworth — Happy Morning with Subaru (Kiiyan) Comicomi — Happy Morning with Kyohei (Morikawa)

Butterfly Rouge images

The Black Butterfly blog updated with some official images for the Butterfly Rouge release, including the body pillows (see bottom two pictures) available only on their shopping site.

Kare Pillow cover & track list

From the Velvet Voice twitter feed, the track list: 1 ホテルに連れ込まれ……「ちょっと休んでく?」 (Brought to a Hotel…. “Shall we rest a little?”) 2 仲直りH「俺の声、好きなんだろ?」 (Reconciliation H: “You like my voice, don’t you?”) 3 ピロートーク「お前以外の女に欲情なんてしねぇ」 (Pillow Talk: “I don’t crave any woman but you”) 4 家まで見送り「また明日な」 (Seeing you home: “See you tomorrow”)